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Monday, October 09, 2006

new lession

no doubt time is a big teacher.A man learn each and every moment through time. today morning, when I wake up. when I fell down from ladder , at the same time it remembered me that my wife's aunty was saying at night to strait your ladder. acctually my ladder was standing on wrong position . it's upper portion was on lower side , so there was much chances to fell down from ladder. but I neglected herand my wife also.but when I fell down I realised my mistake.We should follow the direction of our elders. they have much experiences. we should avoid in haste.Wise man says- late is better than never. we can say it in hindi- jaldi ka kaam shaitaan ka hotaa hai.I was very upset and was feeling very bed.The injury was very serious and out of cotrol.last night I worked too much. today was sunday so I want to cancel my all programmes. I ring to my clients home but he was not at home.His son picked the telephone and said papa is not at home, please talk with him on mobile .
I dialed my client's mobile but the number was buisy.I again dialed his home .His son pick the phone . I said please pass my message to your father. I fell down from ladder so I am comming tommorrow to your home. I will convey your message but papa will ring you because he is going somewhere tommorrow. where ? I asked with eagerness. I don't know ? he said .
Now I realised my mistake .That was very important meeting and I did not want to postpone it . If I was not in haste, He postponed the meeting himself and ofcourse the responsibility will go surely would go him .
The time has taught me a lesson that don't be in haste. Always think twice before do anything because late is better than never.


Candy said...

Good lesson to learn, but I learned it as, "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today". It's so true. ;)

Pradeep Kumar said...

truly , you are right dear . I also belive in this saying -
kaal kare so aaj kar,
aaj kare so ab,
pal mein pralay hoyegee ,
pher karoge kab .
but the main thing is that it depends on circumstances.
anyway thanks for nice compliment.