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Friday, September 29, 2006


though it is a short word and contain only five alphabet but it is very very harmful . it is very hard to describe above word . it creates lot of problems in life . no one can escape to it.
those days I was living in a town. it was not my own house . I was living in a home of my relative. I complete my lot of education there. those days I was completing my graduation. In rural areas , there are less work and lot of spare time . My relative offered me a proposal and said- do some work ,during your study. It will give you some money also. I impressed and accept the proposal. He gave the key of his tractor to me and said , It is the high time to do some extra work and earn money. Wheat crop was ready and people were buisy in field work after that they will in need tractor and mashien for their wheat crop. My work starts from their .Farmer had some need and I fulfilled it. I was enjoying the work because of money . At the end of season I had earned two thousand rupees . It was the year of 1989 so it was big amount for me . Main reason of my happiness was that -It was my first earning.
But who knows about future. I was buisy to planning as how I will spend my money. I think about the tractor which was the mean of my earning and decide immediately to spend some money in tractor's decoration . now the tractor was looking so good. probably It was also happy with me.
Meanwhile my relative realized that I had earned lot of money through his tractor. So he began to quarreld me day by day. this was totaly new thing for me , probably he wanted some or may be full money. At last situation was became out of control and I had lost my own control also. My anger had became more powerful. In such situation I handover Rs. 2000 /- to him. now my relative was happy and me ........................was buisy with my anger and was blaming myself. This is the ANGER who had took away my first earning .


Orkut_Candy said...

You are sweet. You are experiencing what most people experience. In my case, work means money and a way of life better than my friends and/or family. I work many hours to enjoy a great life. I study many hours to get a better job to make more money and enjoy an even better life.

I am angry because I work so much (job and school). I don't have time to enjoy my money. Perhaps, someday... Until then, I continue to be angry but happy at the same time.

I enjoy your writings.

Orkut_Candy said...

I cut down on classes this year. I'm only going part-time, so I can have a social life. After five years, I now date men. I like this dating aspect, but I seem to have forgotten how to do it. Oh well, I am persistant at perfection. :)

Pradeep Kumar said...

thanks dear,
experiences teach us so many things.I also belive in saying that --- WORK IS THE WORSHIP -
but there is some differenc also. I thik , we should enjoy our earnings.opportunity never comes again.and at the point of Study - we have similarity again. I believe that study is a continuous process.