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Friday, September 29, 2006


though it is a short word and contain only five alphabet but it is very very harmful . it is very hard to describe above word . it creates lot of problems in life . no one can escape to it.
those days I was living in a town. it was not my own house . I was living in a home of my relative. I complete my lot of education there. those days I was completing my graduation. In rural areas , there are less work and lot of spare time . My relative offered me a proposal and said- do some work ,during your study. It will give you some money also. I impressed and accept the proposal. He gave the key of his tractor to me and said , It is the high time to do some extra work and earn money. Wheat crop was ready and people were buisy in field work after that they will in need tractor and mashien for their wheat crop. My work starts from their .Farmer had some need and I fulfilled it. I was enjoying the work because of money . At the end of season I had earned two thousand rupees . It was the year of 1989 so it was big amount for me . Main reason of my happiness was that -It was my first earning.
But who knows about future. I was buisy to planning as how I will spend my money. I think about the tractor which was the mean of my earning and decide immediately to spend some money in tractor's decoration . now the tractor was looking so good. probably It was also happy with me.
Meanwhile my relative realized that I had earned lot of money through his tractor. So he began to quarreld me day by day. this was totaly new thing for me , probably he wanted some or may be full money. At last situation was became out of control and I had lost my own control also. My anger had became more powerful. In such situation I handover Rs. 2000 /- to him. now my relative was happy and me ........................was buisy with my anger and was blaming myself. This is the ANGER who had took away my first earning .

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Self- dependablity

It was around 9.30 AM . I was in office . offcourse it was too early because I don't come office at this time . No one was present in production room so I opened my E-Mail . there was only one mail in my inbox. It was came from my friend . ther was avery short message in it . There was a thanks message in it . Thaks for , revising his CV. I didn't want such a type of mail because I think that we should help our friends without any interest . Anyway he had send me thanks so I had to cxcept it .
I do not know - How to make a C V ? This is not my field you know . I can't make my own resume . I politely neglected ,When he said me to re-arrange his C V . He was trying for a new job so he want to improve his CV.

I think to help him so I said to forward his resume . After that he forward me his resume . Now I began to searching a capable person for this job but failed . After some days my friend call me and asked about his CV. It was not ready yet so I pretended .

I begin to find out other options, When he again remind me . I had no choice because no one was available at that moment so I tried myself and arranged his CV. It was realy a tough job but I had to do that anyhow . I arranged and improved his CV with my best efforts and send it to my friend.
This is the job , which occured incidently and without any planne. So it not deserve any thanks.
To find his thanks I learned a lesson that we should not depend others for each and every kind of work. I had got a lesson from time and offcourse it was - Self dependablity. If we try than we will win also .

Friday, September 15, 2006



No doubt our first teacher is our mother and after that comes father. The mother teaches her child first lesson of life and the father adds something in this lesson. Though a child learns too much in their schools or colleges. But in my opinion he/she learns great lessons in his/her day-to-day life. We can say its circumstances but it is time that teaches thorough circumstances .So we can say the time is an ultimate and great teacher.
Of course time is a great teacher. Time fully commands life of a person and teaches so many things. Here I am trying to share some lessons which taught me the ultimate GURU (teacher) i.e. time and I hop that after reading these articles, you will be agree on the same.

lesson -1

It was pleasant afternoon. I was at office. The environment of our office means our room was very good and enjoyable. We called it News Room. There are 6 people in this room. We all live and work in a friendly environment .No doubts one can better works in suitable environment. Though there is an s called boss who wants to govern us but I don’t think he had ever succeed in this. I think a friendly environment is must for smooth working.
Now I came to the point there is a girl in a room .I don’t know her actual job. Someone thinks she is in IT. Someone thinks she assists her newly so-called boss. Some one thinks she is his personal secretary .As far as my knowledge I never understand she. She is a puzzle for me as I try to solve this puzzle it becomes more and more complexes.
Sometimes things happen automatically and become out of control of a men. Same as happen today. She said something irritated to me and I tried to punish her. Actually it happens always .She says something to me and I slap on her head but she bent down and slap bang on her back. Just lower her head and neck. She began cried and weeping .I feels little bit ashamed and forgot about it after sometime.
When I reached my home I had forgot everything about this. I have a four month old daughter and of course a wife. When I am with my daughter and wife I don’t remember anything .I think office is office and home is home. One should not try to mix them and of course so I do. I am playing with my daughter. She is very cute and o love her very much. She learns a new activity day by day. Now days she lay down her stomach. When she turns her stomach and lofts her buttock. I slap her buttock gently but she weeping .I tried to calm down her but she began to cry loudly. Her eyes were full of tears .Her tear were jobbing in my heart. Now I remembered the incident of office and feel the pain of mental (the girl who sits in news room, generally I call her mental). The tears of my child are saying me that you should not cross the limits. Actually time was teaching me. I learned the lesson and send sums to say sorry that girl at the moment. Now I am feeling good. We do some many things intentionally or unintentionally at we should not hesitate to beg pardon for those things. This is the lesson, which taught me the time.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lessons Of Life

Teacher is the most important guide of man. There is no doubt that mother is the first teacher or Guru of a man. She teaches their child speaking and walking. Our next teacher is ofcourse our father. He also teaches us walking . When a child goes to school, he finds a new teacher. From a child to youth , a person meets so many teachers. All teachers have their own importance in the life of a man. Now, the question arises that who is the great teacher ? A mother, a father, scool teacher or a college teacher ?
Here, I will discuss about this . I have learn lot of things from our life . Time plays a verry important role in our life . In short span of my life I have learn so many lessons from time. I will told you one by one .