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Friday, September 15, 2006

lesson -1

It was pleasant afternoon. I was at office. The environment of our office means our room was very good and enjoyable. We called it News Room. There are 6 people in this room. We all live and work in a friendly environment .No doubts one can better works in suitable environment. Though there is an s called boss who wants to govern us but I don’t think he had ever succeed in this. I think a friendly environment is must for smooth working.
Now I came to the point there is a girl in a room .I don’t know her actual job. Someone thinks she is in IT. Someone thinks she assists her newly so-called boss. Some one thinks she is his personal secretary .As far as my knowledge I never understand she. She is a puzzle for me as I try to solve this puzzle it becomes more and more complexes.
Sometimes things happen automatically and become out of control of a men. Same as happen today. She said something irritated to me and I tried to punish her. Actually it happens always .She says something to me and I slap on her head but she bent down and slap bang on her back. Just lower her head and neck. She began cried and weeping .I feels little bit ashamed and forgot about it after sometime.
When I reached my home I had forgot everything about this. I have a four month old daughter and of course a wife. When I am with my daughter and wife I don’t remember anything .I think office is office and home is home. One should not try to mix them and of course so I do. I am playing with my daughter. She is very cute and o love her very much. She learns a new activity day by day. Now days she lay down her stomach. When she turns her stomach and lofts her buttock. I slap her buttock gently but she weeping .I tried to calm down her but she began to cry loudly. Her eyes were full of tears .Her tear were jobbing in my heart. Now I remembered the incident of office and feel the pain of mental (the girl who sits in news room, generally I call her mental). The tears of my child are saying me that you should not cross the limits. Actually time was teaching me. I learned the lesson and send sums to say sorry that girl at the moment. Now I am feeling good. We do some many things intentionally or unintentionally at we should not hesitate to beg pardon for those things. This is the lesson, which taught me the time.

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