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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Self- dependablity

It was around 9.30 AM . I was in office . offcourse it was too early because I don't come office at this time . No one was present in production room so I opened my E-Mail . there was only one mail in my inbox. It was came from my friend . ther was avery short message in it . There was a thanks message in it . Thaks for , revising his CV. I didn't want such a type of mail because I think that we should help our friends without any interest . Anyway he had send me thanks so I had to cxcept it .
I do not know - How to make a C V ? This is not my field you know . I can't make my own resume . I politely neglected ,When he said me to re-arrange his C V . He was trying for a new job so he want to improve his CV.

I think to help him so I said to forward his resume . After that he forward me his resume . Now I began to searching a capable person for this job but failed . After some days my friend call me and asked about his CV. It was not ready yet so I pretended .

I begin to find out other options, When he again remind me . I had no choice because no one was available at that moment so I tried myself and arranged his CV. It was realy a tough job but I had to do that anyhow . I arranged and improved his CV with my best efforts and send it to my friend.
This is the job , which occured incidently and without any planne. So it not deserve any thanks.
To find his thanks I learned a lesson that we should not depend others for each and every kind of work. I had got a lesson from time and offcourse it was - Self dependablity. If we try than we will win also .

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